We are two flipping idiots, twisted twisting geniuses, and fearless jump junkies that are specialized in nerding a specific skill that requires precision, trust and balls.

The name is teeterboard...which basically is a three-meter-long piece of wood that shoots you high up in the air.

Just the way we like it!

After graduating from the University of Dance and Circus we've been excited to take over the world with our wooden board, acrobatic slapstick, and idiocy.





Lukas is a professional circus artist and acrobat, who has always had a passion for jumping.

It all started even before he could walk. He spent hours jumping

in his hop swing in the living room, and not long after he started walking he got his first mini

garden trampoline, which he later upgraded in to a bigger one.

Then he started the Circus gymnasium in Alby, Stockholm, Sweden where he for the first

time got introduced to the teeterboard, and it was love at first sight. He’s always been exploring

all kinds of extreme sports, which

he takes a lot of inspiration from.

He's also passioned for dance and theatre, which makes circus the perfect place for him.

My name is Aaron Hakala and all you need to know about me is that I love acrobatics and no I don't have a background of gymnastics...

As a manner of facts my

background is ice-hockey.

Which is kinda weird?

But that doesn't matter!

Because all you need to know is

that I love acrobatics.

I do it when you work, I do it when you eat, I do it when you sleep,

I do it when you think that I'm not doing it, I'm simply addicted to it...

I'm actually doing it right now while you're reading this boring text,

which I wrote while doing acrobatics.